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First and foremost, no I am not Dominican.  My name is Andre and I am Black American from Boston (yes, we do exist).  As a domain, Dominican Tour Guide is the result of the lack of domain properties available.  So, really it should be but that doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, now does it?.  Nonetheless, thank you for popping up on what I would consider my gift to a country that I have grown to love!  The Dominican Republic.

I first started traveling to DR a little less than 10 years ago!  Since then, I have done a significant amount of travel, with the Dominican Republic the place I’ve traveled most consistently. That first trip to DR was me running from the burnout of being a broke entrepreneur.  I was working too much, and I needed somewhere close and somewhere cheap to go to for a couple of weeks. I mentioned it to a friend here in the states and he said, “you need to go to the Dominican Republic.  It’s cheap and the ladies are beautiful and friendly.”  I’m so grateful that my friends know what’s important to me!


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