Me & The Dominican Republic

So, without knowing a single person in DR, I booked my first trip to the capital, Santo Domingo!

Now, in preparation for my first trip, there are a few things that I did.  

One, is I downloaded a language learning app, so I could begin to learn the language.  

My oldest daughter’s mother was born in Guatemala, so I wasn’t a total novice to the Spanish language.

I certainly regret not paying attention in Spanish class back in high school.

I’m pretty sure I remember getting and F- in that class. Anyway! The second thing I did was download Tinder, which in hindsight was probably the most important thing I did.

I was single and having conversations with women prior to arriving killed two birds (practicing the language and company) with two stones.

I learned so much from casual conversations with Dominicanas prior to my arrival that I felt really good about the trip and at minimum, my Google Translator game was up 100%.

Without going into too much detail, that first trip to DR was a shit show!  From lost luggage to a crappy Airbnb, to natives taking advantage of my ignorance.

For many it probably would have been an experience that dampened their opinion of the country.

But I come from struggle as well and so I was able to see past the circumstances that lead me to being in some of the situations I found myself in and was able to all its beauty!

Its people are beautiful, inside, and out!  Their food is delicious but be careful, because our stomachs need time to adjust. The beaches are magnificent!  The experiences are vast!

Since then, I have been back to DR and estimated twenty times.

Two of my best friends live in Santiago,

I fallen in love about twenty-one times,

I bought property there, started a business there and have traveled all over the country, so I feel I’m positioned well to help others figure out how to make the Dominican Republic one of the best vacation, getaways, moves you’ve ever made.

Throughout the site I will talk about personal experience as well is try to give information that is actually helpful for your visit.

Enjoy and feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.

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