7 Hidden Destinations in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Covering a significant area of Europe, the Dominican Republic stretches over
48,730 square kilometers, which is twice the size of Wales, making it one of the
largest countries in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic is well appreciated for its beaches and all-inclusive
resorts with a diverse and welcoming interior characterized by mountain ranges,
rainforests, and deserts. 
There are hundreds of tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic, some of
which are underrated but definitely deserve a visit.

7 Hidden Gems in the Dominican Republic

If you want to explore the Dominican Republic but do not like going in a huge
crowd, here are some hidden gems that you should consider visiting.

1. Rio Yasica, Espaillat, Jamao al Norte

Rio Yasica, Espaillat, Jamao al Norte

The Rio Yasica River is located in the province of Espaillat in the north-central
region of the Dominican Republic. The river flows from the mountains to the sea,
passing through the small town of Jamao al Norte.
Rio Yasica is known for its crystal-clear water and stunning natural scenery, with
towering cliffs, lush forests, and beautiful waterfalls. 

The Salto de la Jalda waterfall is one of the most popular attractions in Rio Yasica,
which is accessible by a short hike through the forest. The waterfall drops into a
natural pool, making it a popular spot for swimming and picnicking.
Visitors to Rio Yasica can swim in the river’s cool waters, explore the surrounding
jungle, and relax in a peaceful, rural setting.

2. The Market at Dajabon

The Market at Dajabon

The Market at Dajabon is a hidden gem located in the northwestern corner near
Haiti’s border, known as one of the country’s most vibrant and colorful markets.
Taking place every Monday, the Dajabon Market is a cross-border affair, with
vendors from the Dominican Republic and Haiti coming together to sell their

Visitors to the market can buy various items such as fresh produce, handmade
crafts, clothing, household items, and other products.
One of the unique aspects of the market is the lively and energetic atmosphere,
being a hub of activity with vendors haggling with customers and locals going
about their daily business. Lively music and chatter from people together fill the
air, making your visit to the market a truly immersive experience.

3. Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park

Covering an area of over 1,500 square kilometers, this national park is one of the
crown jewels of the Dominican Republic, located at the northeastern part of the
country. It is home to a diverse range of wildlife such as manatees, sea turtles,
and over 100 species of birds, including different varieties of plants.
The park boasts of a stunning natural beauty, with rugged limestone hills, lush
forests, and winding waterways. But its most notable highlights are the series of
caves that are found throughout the area, which are adorned with stalactites and
stalagmites, many of which have ancient Taino Indian petroglyphs carved into the
Visitors can explore the park by boat, kayak, or on foot while those who want to
see the caves can take a guided tour to learn more about their history and

4. Laguna Gri Gri

Laguna Gri Gri

Laguna Gri Gri is a lagoon located at the north coast of Rio San Juan. It is a natural
reserve covering an area of approximately 50 hectares and is home to various
plant and animal life.
The lagoon can be a great place for nature lovers and those interested in
exploring the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic. Its unique landscape and
diverse range of plant and animal life make it a must-see destination for anyone
traveling to the north coast of the country.

5. Sugar Cane Fields – Higuey

Sugar Cane Fields – Higuey

Known for its beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches, Higuey is a town in the
eastern part of the Dominican Republic. It is home to vast ranches and sugar cane
fields, the area’s hidden gems that are worthy to be visited.
The sugar cane fields in Higuey offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn about
the country’s agricultural heritage while witnessing the actual and traditional
sugar production methods.
Tourists are welcome to visit the processing plant in the area where they can see
the cane being transformed into sugar and taste some of the freshly made

6. El Limón Waterfall

El Limón Waterfall

El Limón waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the
Dominican Republic, located near El Limón in the Samaná Peninsula. This
stunning waterfall is approximately 40 meters tall and is surrounded by lush
tropical vegetation and a natural pool at its base.
Visitors can dip in the cool, refreshing waters of the natural pool while looking at
the stunning view of the cascading waterfall and the surrounding landscape. 
Adventurous visitors can also climb onto the rocks to get closer to the falls and
take unforgettable photos.

7. Moncion Dam

Moncion Dam

Located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic near the town of
Moncion, the Moncion Dam is an impressive engineering structure built in the
1970s and is considered as one of the largest dams in the country, spanning over
3 kilometers in length.

The dam is nestled in a stunning natural setting surrounded by lush greenery and
mountains, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor

Visitors can take a stroll along the dam and feast their eyes on the breathtaking
views of the surrounding landscape, or they can take a dip in the cool waters of
the reservoir created by the dam.

Wrapping Up

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country that offers lots of attractions to
both local and international tourists. Some of these off-the beaten path
attractions have their own history and beauty waiting to be explored. Take time
out to visit these places and experience nature at its best.


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